A stunning landscape is precious to homeowners across Australia.

The key to transforming your landscape into an urban oasis is with the addition of a swimming pool. The serene feature is calming to look at and perfect for having a dip on a hot day. However, a swimming pool, like any other element in your landscape, requires clever choices to maintain its aesthetic power; one of those choices is the selection of a glass balustrade fence.

A glass balustrade fence, while not necessary, is certainly an important functional and aesthetic part of a pool and the overall landscape. The major benefit of a glass balustrade fence is to provide security around the pool. In homes with children and pets, swimming pools can be a hazard. A glass balustrade creates a physical border around the pool, securing the area.

There are many other options on the market available for fencing pools, so why should you choose a glass balustrade fence? In addition to providing security for your pool, a glass balustrade fence offers a number of advantages for your landscape, family and home.

3 reasons why a glass balustrade fence is the key to your landscaping goals

  • Minimalist but versatile aesthetic

The almost invisible but clean lines of a glass balustrade fence makes it easy to merge with any landscape. It won’t disturb the flow of your landscape nor will it add a conflicting aesthetic. Instead, you’ll be left with a modern product that updates the appearance of your landscape without ruining its flow.

  • No disruption to view

Pools are both beautiful to look at and a great place to relax and admire the beauty of your landscape. An opaque fence would disturb views from either position and ruin the fluidity of your landscape. 

A glass balustrade fence facilitates a clear view of the entire landscape (pool included!), allowing you to appreciate its beauty in its entirety or from a specific vantage point and without compromising the safety of the pool.

  • Easily maintained

There’s no point in adding an extra element to your pristine landscape without ensuring that you can maintain it. A glass balustrade fence requires the same maintenance as windows! Periodic wipe downs with a commercial glass cleaner are all this product needs to be in tip-top shape.

If you’re looking for a fence that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, then a glass balustrade fence is the right choice. In addition to keeping your little ones and pets safe, it is the perfect addition to your landscape. It provides little disruption to your landscape’s aesthetic and instead, offers a modern, updated and reliable product.

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